There is a Storm Rising

There is a storm rising in the deep cauldron of the sea of humanity,
An untamed insanity, wailing louder and louder, like the wild child
Emerging from the jungle of irrationality to destroy all of banality,
To cannibalize civilization in the realization that it is but a carcass
Only to be eaten now in a free frenzied feast of half-starved beasts;
Woe be to the man of upper-clan, who but fans the flames of blame!
The storm rise is upon us, the size of which we cannot measure . . .
But there will be no pleasure, only pieces of what we now treasure



Like onyx and gold, diamonds and pearls,
Your soul so bold, mind on fire against the cold;
An heavenly pendant; you are resplendent.
No one on earth, before nor after your birth,
Quite like you, and so few even near; can you hear?
Can you hear the angels calling, crystal falling
At your feet to the beat of ethereal wings
As numinous choir sings to bring you precious pleasure
Forever yours; do you know ‘gainst the blow
Of fierce world around you, you are not bound,
But free to descend to deepest depths, then climb
Into the blue skies above with love, your only carrier?
There is no barrier to what you may know and feel,
What you may be and become, even as some have before,
And some still do today, resplendent in face of dismay.
Resplendent, and you may be transcendent, dependent
Upon only the One ~ the One in you and thru you ~
And no one else. Hear the band playing in the distant
And in the stars above, through the sands of time,
Grit and grime; hear the spirits chime in rhythm
Of your destiny held and exhaled with every breath
And heart beat; only part of your story has been told;
More there is to be written so freely and happily…

You Are Resplendent.

Note: Originally published in January 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. May God bless you all!

Rush of Exhilaration from Excitation

Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin
Welling up inside ready to explode the full payload
From heart ready to burst in thirst of unrestrained joy
And no toy will do for this boy in this rolling moment
There is no looking for atonement already bestowed
As center component of this breathless ecstasy relished
And embellished with lovely goods and exquisite foods
Volcano rumbling inside cannot abide without eruption
Without corruption and there can be no interruption
In spewing forth unadulterated pleasure like a treasure
By pressure forcing out what is presently held inside
Personal pride can no longer hide the mystical landslide
Of mind and soul that has occurred without one word
. . .
Rush of exhilaration from excitation of numinous origin!

In the Sea of Life

They said you were cruel, stubborn as a mule,
Getting up from the table when you were able,
But you only did what you knew you had to do
Because for you the game couldn’t be the same;
No more wild cards left, you’d gotten too tame,
And what a shame, they thought, you’d bought
Into a lie of transformation, complete alteration
Of personality into a man of distasteful banality;
But you only did what you knew you had to do
In lieu of the fact you’d changed so much that
You had to turn your back on table and cards;
After all, you were finally able to see that life
Is no gamble and begin to become what you
Were always meant to be in this Sea of Life.

One Rose in the Garden of Humanity

One Rose to pose not any threat, planted in the Garden of Humanity,
Surrounded by insanity, but beautiful nonetheless, we had to confess;
Stem standing tall and shimmering petals to impress even the most
Callous soul filled with malice; this one Rose chosen for cultivation
Without manipulation to spread its aroma throughout all the Garden
So thick with weeds and sticks and such sick undergrowth that beauty
Was hard provoked and nearly choked … but there was that one Rose
That weary souls chose to breath and admire in their dire straights
To satiate their hunger for something good and true neath brilliant
Skies of numinous blue…

Now it has been ages and many pages of history since that one Rose
Bloomed in the Garden of Humanity, but not without leaving behind
An unique kind of fragrance that lingers on along with promising
Flowerets that beget more beauty in their growing duty to Life
… and it all began with the one Rose; yes, that one majestic Rose

Awake . . . It’s Night Again

As the world enters night again,
Greetings to the darkness, my old friend;
Will you hear the babies crying?
Will you hear the mothers sighing?
Will you count the money buying another round
For profound old men sitting at the bars
Looking at the stars as lonely cars drive by?
Will you cover the silent weeping?
Will you stand by the night watch keeping?
Care ascend like smoke; change is in the air;
Tiananmen Square
Lights up like the firefly
As we say goodbye
To the world we know, and hello to the new show.
Earth turns,
Heaven churns,
Hell burns;
And I bend to the darkness, my old friend,
Who ushers forward toward the new day —
Turning the page, dawning of another age —
Like the old, history will still unfold,
But the punctuated silence is the brilliance,
And here we are like some shooting star,
Seen and quickly assured we’ve gone unheard
As our world enters night again,
But it is in the quiet we begin . . .

On My Birthday: 45

Pelike_Geras_Louvre_G234[1]Your soul is ere weakened in sole isolation,
And less resolution within your seclusion;
Around you with so many people hives,
Always smiling with sharpened knives
To sever your selfmade spirit-bonds,
On this birthday; you’re forty-five!
And God his chariot rides in high-sky
Of tranquil blue where happy angels fly;
You too can skip and dance, sing to prance
In complete freedom from mock-aged trance!


Picture/photo of Geras, ancient Greek god of the old (or much aging, long life), son of Erebus, primordial god of thick darkness, black night, the shadow(s)