One Simple Ray of Sunshine



One simple ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds,
Proudly and soundly focusing its power upon the earth,
Making the mountains its hearth ‘n giving birth to hope;
Aye! The whole world is in the scope of this solitary ray
That pays one hundredfold the breath of its tiny breadth;
And what can compare to the might of its bright light?
None and so soon to drive out all blight and every fright;
Yea, night turns to day with but one strand of sunshine
So fine and ever so piercing the clouds of gloom ‘n doom


Earth revolves around Sol, greater light to rule the day
And stay the powers of stark darkness in its own ways
With rays of brightness – happy song sung long on sea
And land by bands of people and all creatures living –
And how shall we describe him or ascribe him majesty
With glory, yet Sol is but an icon, very pure and simple,
Of the first and everlasting Light that shines brighter
And dispels thick black without a lack of magnificence,
So that Sol is but a child, young ‘n wild, by comparison


As I Look Out My Window

There is peace this day in a new lease on life,
As I look out my window and the way is clear
Even underneath dreary skies and I so weary;
Cold rains will come but my soul is not glum
As I hear the drumbeat of my own heart alive
With the rhythm of life with no strife this day
And so I stay awhile looking out upon nature
Without failure to welcome her timelessness
And the righteousness of her fluctuating gifts;
Yes, I am alive to thrive, not merely to survive
And this truth does not escape my own mind
As a kind of quiet revelation of the revolution
Of each morning I awaken without mourning,
And so I am thankful for the peace of this day
As I look out my window and the way is clear

Haikus of Life and Love

Feel the Fair Breeze

Feel the quiet breeze
Teasing your hair in the air
To make your heart fair…

Let There Be Peace

Live in love and peace,
Let all war and striving cease,
Share the golden fleece…

After Virtue

After virtue, what?
Comes the laughter of the gods?
No, but what we sought…

Shall We Begin?

So shall we begin,
To grin, strip down to the skin,
And taste nature once again?

Safe Lees and Honey Bees

Lees and honey bees,
Flying under our shelter,
Bring joy to our hearts…

Autumn Promise

Promising new life,
Autumn comes round bringing death,
What comes before life…

Sky Smiles

See the sky smile —
So radiant for miles —
For all to enjoy.

Note: Originally published in October 2015, now being republished due to some renewed interest and also for newer followers-readers to enjoy. Peace and blessings to one and all!

Within the River of Life to Love

One River of Life, twisting and turning and ever flowing,
And never changing, despite the winds of change blowing;
Quickly here, slowly there, brackish some and also clear,
Translucent and wholesome yet sinister and most austere.

Yet in warming sun,Top-HD-Winding-River-Wallpaper
Ever-growing life has begun,
And Summer his own course doth run.

Some fight upstream in hopeless effort to reach the source,
Only to tire and weary, to be swept along the River’s course;
While others swim and play and leap, hopping and popping
In the ever flowing current with ne’er an idea of stopping.

Now leaves on trees
They fall in the breeze,
As Autumn reaches rich life to seize.

Not all swim; they are just carried along, ever quite content,
But all reach the same end no matter how the trip was spent;
For there each is engulfed in the Ocean deeper than deeps,
Vast and endless and peaceful, where the sun never sleeps.

And comes now, too, the fair Maiden of Spring,
With never more lingering,
As all her flowers sing.

And I sing and swim; swim as my heart sings
To know the Love who calls and the Life she brings.
There am I engulfed in her Ocean deeper than deeps,
Vast, endless and peaceful, where her sun ne’er sleeps.


there is beauty

old man with kindly eyes
little boy climbing tree, laughing
dogs barking, cows grazing, birds singing

teenage girl serenely staring out the bay-window, thoughtfully, through cool gentle rain into the woods shrouded in mystery
woman riding down the freeway on the back of her motorbike, hair blowing freely in the wind, radiant face soaking bright sunshine
trees dancing in Autumn breeze

children playing hop-scotch in the park
grandmother tending the flower garden
flowers opening in Spring of life

farmer looking over newly plowed field in the waning hours of evening
family holding hands round the dinner table, heads bowed in prayer
dolphins leaping through waves of Summer

sister pitching baseball to her younger brother
daddy riding little girl, squealing, on his shoulders
snow falling in Winter crystal art painting earth and sky
and all the stars of heaven sing

ah! there is beauty in the myriad faces of God
smiling ten thousand times throughout the universe
not all is twisted pain and suffering, not all bleak and somber  –  there is beauty
if only we have open heart-eyes to see and time for love and the thank-you breath

there is beauty

this world is the world of wild storm kept tame with the music of beauty
~  Rabindranath Tagore

when you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things
~  Kahlil Gibran