An Octave on Love

An eagle flies high in the sky,
And the grand mountains cry goodbye
As valleys low begin to sigh,
And your great love will never die

As surely as the river flows
Into the ocean deep below,
There will be seeds of love to sow,
And rains of peace will make them grow


Saved by the Predator

Eagle flies high up in the sky,
Sharp eye looking for its prey;
Will she spy me, though I try
To hide, in tall grass confide?
Majestically circling far above
Talons cold, there is no love;
And what do I hear in hiding
Now slithering to my abiding?
Large, long, sleek, not meek;
Suddenly the air is pierced
And gone is serpent so fierce,
Up into the clouds so high,
And I on ground bid goodbye;
I breathe a sigh of relief, cry:
Saved from danger by danger
As eagle flew high in the sky,
Sharp eye looking for its prey