Gate of Love (Triple Haiku)

No, it’s not too late
To open the gate of love
Feel rain from above

Just around the bend
And your time is yours to spend
Try upending hate

Do not take the bait
Of self-centered, selfish pride
In great love abide


Two Roads Ahead (Triple Haiku)

Two roads are ahead
And a place to make your bed
Hear what has been said

The choice is for you
However there are but two
Only one is true

So make your choice wise
For there is only one prize
And great is the size

And I Will Wait for You

You looked at me with razor sharp eyes, penetrating
You read my inner-self like an open book, just waiting
You smiled sunshine into my soul, nothing berating

Yes, I realize now you were there that fateful night
Full of bright light and you actually pitied my plight
So briefly I saw your lovely face before I took flight

You never do leave me alone
You speak to me in soft tones
You let me know I am known

So I may be at the crossroad but you showed me compassion
And love flowed and I realize you helped me carry this load
And so I wait as you abate the weight of worry I have carried
And in this state my fate is in you and you’ll guide me straight
For you don’t castigate me nor abdicate your place in my life
You love me with love from above that is new every morning
And so I will wait for you to show the way one day very soon

I will wait for you, knowing that you are never late, my love

Standing at the Crossroad

You told me that I would soon be standing at the crossroad
With workload, and you bestowed upon me but one choice:
Would I listen to your voice, even though I may not rejoice,
Or would I stay your guiding hand and go on my own way?
But here now I stand all alone, with no band of co-travelers,
And I am still and quiet, my tears my only diet,
And my very soul within me in despicable riot!
And withal do I hear your call or see you here standing tall?
Where is your arm to lead me down the path without harm?
Are you here, somewhere near but where I cannot see you?
Oh, too, do you see me churning inside like the restless sea?
Here I am now at the crossroad; shall I make this my abode?
But I cannot stay put here day upon day ‘n night after night;
You have to come and light the way as brightly as the sun,
For it has just begun to rain and I am in excruciating pain,
Which is plain to see, but will you deign to come now to me?
You told me that I would soon be standing at the crossroad
With workload, and you bestowed upon me but one choice,
And that I have made but I hear not your soft, tender voice,
And so I wait and satiate my soul
With sobs of my torn apart heart;
Yes you told me that I’d be standing here at the crossroad . . .

Today is the Day

Yesterday is a stream already flowing into the ocean,
Tomorrow is but a dream still blowing in the wind,
But today, my friend, is the cream of life to be drunk
Without being sunk into despair in the affair of living;
Today is a moment of prayer, repair and the welfare
Of your soul, which can be a bowl of poison or good;
What do you choose? To gain thru your pain or lose?
. . .
Yesterday is a stream already flowing into the ocean,
Tomorrow is but a dream still blowing in the wind,
But today, my friend, today . . . today . . . this one day

Demands of Reality

Is it wrong to dream, to ever sail the clouds of fantasy?
To escape your agony in some kind of numinous alchemy?
Ah! But to grant mindless amnesty to your known enemy!
To twist reality into absentee truth in a sea of abuse???
Dreams are often heavenly cream to the tarnished soul,
But fantasia can be as dangerous as the jungles of Asia!
So why are you sipping tea amid the debris of your home?
Why are you dancing with the devil again
When you know he will ultimately win???
Why are you taking the bait and waiting for genuine love?
You already know the grand show ‘n how it always goes!
You take your cue from voices inside your head
And then gladly give the devil his due . . . foolish!
When the hell are you going to take a stand and demand
What is right, before night comes when there is no light?
You live in frightful contradiction, giving in to addiction
Of fantastical scenes that never were nor ever will be!
Oh my dear one! You bit the Disney chip long, long ago
And decided to forgo living real life in the real world . . .
No, it is not wrong to dream,
But very dangerous to give in
To the schemes of false voices, making such sick choices!
Dammit! Drive the devil from your home
And let him write his own tome alone!
Step out of Wonderland, take the band of Truth in hand,
And walk and talk in brutal honesty . . .
Sometimes reality makes this demand!

Three Streams Flow…

There are three streams that run through the theme of life:
One stream is that of screams, angry and bitter, filled
With litter of dogmatism, condemnation, exclusivism, alienation
And rank narcissism; deadly stream that threatens trireme
Making course down such treacherous waters hotter than hell.

There is the second stream that slowly flows nowhere, just
Here and there and back to begin again; and every boat
That floats upon its placid waters coats itself with cloaks
So no shore is seen, whether clean or mean, to unsettle
Any with many truths unfurled, unbound from world around.

There is the third stream, flowing with the dream of God,
Pure and clear, and sure to steer in right-straight course
To heavenly pier, and no ship on her angel-water will veer
Off course by force or choice, for decision has been made
To forgo derision, to refuse the bait of hate, to satiate
In evil their lust, to break trust for crust of cold gold.

So flow three streams through our world as chance winds blow,
And each must know and show which stream they will sail:
Whether the first, where minds are blind, canker of anger;
Or the second, where eyes do not see, and ears do not hear;
Or the third, where peace abounds, and life sounds with joy,
And lease of life is freely given, free of all of the world,
And every care and possession hurled like wretched abomination.

Three Streams Flow…