Sélená Speaks Again

Sélená, princess of Luna, chimed like the golden bell of Dyeus, as all time froze, “Every season has its purpose and reason — for the cosmos, for Gaia, for you — but what do you do? Do you spend your time churning, turning, and frantically burning? Or, perhaps, your bore yourself with the lore of yesteryear?”

“Every season has its rhythm and rhyme in keeping with time, but do you climb the mountain of Life, or do you sit alone with your hurried and worried thoughts? Oh my dear, the sheer magnitude of the Cosmos must intrude upon your fret and worry! Will you continue to scurry about with the fury of a madman?”

“Seasons come and seasons go, and not without reason for you, straight and true. Winter comes boldly and coldly cleanses your heart, mind and soul, and not in part but in whole. And this in preparation for resurrection and restoration of all that is new, bright with light and life — so few understand.”

“Summertime is high and hot, exulting, but bought with a price not sought; yet it is the time to spread your wings, fly in the blue skies, and make your true home again in the heavenlies. Autumn then comes as preparation for reparation, but not in cruelty, rather in beauty; for Fall is withal reflection, circumspection, and rejection of all that is sordid.”

And so Sélená spoke and I heard this songbird of Caelum, her wisdom freeing me from my prison, and my decision was to live in her vision of love, mercy, and grace through every season for every good reason. And so I am free to see and hear and to be the real me by the decree of heaven … through all of the seasons.


Amethyst Touchstone of Sélená

She gave me a touchstone, my love, an amethyst quartz
From the ports of heaven to leaven my days with hope,
To broaden the scope of my dreams, my Sélená, screams
Of laughter in place of disaster; all I have to do is
Touch and there is so much in the amethyst, catalyst
To happier ways through brighter days; and I kiss this
Stone and there is bliss, even though I dearly miss her,
My Sélená of Ten Thousand Falls, but she calls to me
In the night and then the dark is bright; ah! she gave
Me an invaluable gift to lift my spirits; there is no rift.

Thank you, dear and gentle and strong Sélená!

Oh Sweet Selene of Yaşam Ruh’u

So silently, surreptitiously, and smoothly do you slide in with ocean tide to abide in abode of my soul, making hearth of my heart your home, again and once again, yet never to stay, to be held at bay, whatever I might say; so sing your song sung blue and true, old and ever-new. Have only some few become your lovers, who hover around your every word, hoping for your tender, titillating touch, not much but just enough.


Oh sweet Selene of Yaşam Ruh’u, what do you do in your smoothly silken, silver brush through the air, so fair and wild, what we cannot bear yet in which we share but for fleeting moments, enough to lift our care. Ought we beware of you, so true but wrapped in mystery, your history largely unknown because that you have not shown. We have but some small share in the treasure you bring, as you sing in the breeze with eloquent ease.

Sélená the Untamed Wild


Hear my promise to you to show you my love, my dove,
As sacred rhythms float gently thru the air carefree,
And I wrap myself around you like an alluring coat;
Dear boy, shed not one tear and be not drear, but hear
What I whisper promise in your ear; no need for fear
Child, meek and mild… I am Sélená the untamed wild,
My passion unchained, gateway opened wide for you
To enter in and abide inside of me, and to be clothed
In my warm flesh, fresh and nourishing, tightly bound
And rightly held as we meld together as one underneath
Bright shining Sun; this affair has only begun, my love!


Under Cover of the One: Maternal Lover

How can the son of One so great be so disimpassioned,
Having been fashioned in the womb of deep compassion?
Endlessly the Cosmos flows as cold Winter wind blows,
Leaving me cleaving to metaphysical breast for the best
Of celestial milk, so smooth as silk, ambrosia of deity,
Numinous heterogeneity of goodness that flows below
Slowly touching the souls so humble and free of banshee
Warning death, for they have embraced life much as I’ve
Suckled life-giving warmth from celestial sphere with
Nothing to fear, for I am here in the arms of one strong
To keep me from harm as She charms all mordant serpents
Of the dark Abyss from where they hiss and spit poison;
Ah! And am I safely pressed against bosom that blossoms
Flowers of eternity from sweet maternity in fraternity
Of gods and goddesses as Father Dyēus looks from above
With love and smiles approval to removal of all reproval
Of my mindless waste and so many mistakes made in haste.
I am under cover of One who ever hovers — maternal lover.

Poison & the Sword of Peace

Better the strike and bite of a venomous snake
Than the break of dæmonic poison in the heart;
For the one may kill; the other steal the soul.

I love you too much
To let this happen to you,
You, my love so true.

Bid not yourself to wraiths; be rid of the poison;
You have been chosen for more than a raging boar,
Set upon engaging creation in foolish destruction.

I appeal to you,
Repeal the agreement made
With hate to abate.

Raging war is fought, gauging the strength of heart;
Your part is seize the sword of peace and now start
To fight the plight of poison that blights humanity.

Wrath of Sélená

pic-4Storm clouds black form on the far horizon,

Churning with poison lightning and thunder

Sounds over blunders made by idiotic fool

Who drools for chocolate caked on cookies

Baked in the oven for his own self-pleasure

Under pressure to satisfy his ugly appetite;

Quite the blight on “his” hearth and home, 

Making himself the plight of otherwise bright

Family, but lo, he has now attacked beloved

Of Sélená and now the skies church and burn

With her anger; he has no idea of the danger

In which he finds himself as he wends his way

Through sanctimonious congregation in happy

Elation; ah! he has become the causation of his

Own condemnation! His agitation will end now

With amputation and castration to assure his

pole_goddessHumiliation as compensation for depredation

Of the beloved of Sélená; she will make proper

Reclamation now . . . for she is filled with wrath!

It will be permutation in his full decimation …

Pity now the fool fallen under condemnation!

Note: Artwork by John Palisano