Yuletide Song of Enchantment

Can I sing to you songs of the season for the reason of the joy we share,

And might I dare to lay bare love for you so soon as my holiday boon?

Dance with me round the tree ‘n prance in snow as a child free ‘n wild,

And leave me beguiled by beauty so perfect an object of lordly grace,

Giving chase to the better part of my infatuated heart I give but to you

In  our passionate Christmas rendezvous to imbrue with an innocence,

Nevertheless so wise that my soul could never despise,

And oh! How you hypnotize me with your angelic eyes,

But please never leave me to languish in monstrous anguish of desire

That burns like fire unquenchable, so condemnable in courts on high,

So never say goodbye nor fare-thee-well but let me live in your spell,

As we dance around an evergreen tree ‘n prance in pure white snow

Below the sight of the One torn from heaven to be born on this earth

To give us our full worth, while I sing the songs of this sacred season

For reason of the joy we share as we lay ourselves bare forevermore


Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting for you is the hardest part,
As it tears at the fabric of the heart
That is already in the clutches of love
Above all else, my dove, and it makes
For an excellent bout with doubt,
Wondering if he is really worthy,
Asking if there will be only disdain
Such that this waiting is but in vain,
Pulling at his very spirit to abstain;
Ah! But have we come this far in life
So rife with pain to throw away gain
Of love to be found in the sound
Of our two hearts beating as one?
So shall we meet and seat ourselves
Neath the same sun with love begun
And discover together if our destiny
Lies along one common path or two;
But waiting is still the hardest part,
Tearing at the fabric of this heart . . .


Suddenly now, life emerges again to begin again,
Where once there was but dearth and cold death
Because of my choice made with an empty voice,
But you have other plans for this foolish man,
Plans that span time and space in pace with love
From above, and so now another chance is given
To enhance my days along the way of this life . . .
And she comes with candle alit in her sweet soul
To fill an obvious hole in my own where you had
Already carefully sown the seeds of compassion,
So suddenly this man can smile and laugh again!
. . .
Suddenly now, life emerges again to begin again,
Where once there was but dearth and cold death

On an Uncloudy Day

Sol is shining brightly in the heavens,
Sending forth his brilliant bright light
Across the white-topped mountains,
Shining so fairly for us so that we can
Barely contain ourselves and all that
Pertains to our love from high above,
And so we dance the dance of aeons
And prance like young deer so near,
And without any fear embrace tightly
Before our ethereal nightly romance,
Singing our one song
On an uncloudy day!

In the Keep of Forest Deep

In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
I meet you alone where we two make but one,
And sun breaks through trees to make three
In one as we soak in the rays where we stay
And lay down all trials after miles of walking
And hours of talking . . . then comes the silence
Sweetly serenading in cadence with our hearts
And every part of our one being seeing beauty
In the union of our utmost sacred communion
As we lie on woodland floor, not to die but live
In an aliveness hitherto unknown but shown
In the depths of my soul enfolded within yours
In the keep of forest deep where secrets sleep,
And I meet you where we two become one . . .

By Your Eyes

By your eyes am I trapped, enwrapped in emerald gaze,
As I am wrapped tightly in your arms, safe from all harm,
And there is no greater charm than the sound of your voice
And no better choice than to listen to the lilt of such sound
That shakes the ground yet that soothes the aching heart
In every part so that I would be foolish to depart from you,
And you love me too much to let me go, so that I am secure
In you and your love above all else amid all the cacophony
Of this world into which I’ve been hurled while I’m curled
Against your bosom, gazing up
Into your eyes that spy my soul
As you fill the gaping hole with which I was born on earth,
And you give to me home ‘n hearth that I now call my own
Since seeds of your love you have sown into my very being
As even now I am seeing an eternity in your emerald eyes!