An Unambiguous Reason for Living

Why am I living this life, so filled with strife, which cuts like a knife?
It must be I am playing a part day to day in a way only I can play,
While knowing I’m throwing in my cards with so many other bards
Of reality, fighting banality and lightening flashes of some finality
Against which I am powerless, save to be thankful for the tranquil
And abundant happiness that comes sometimes in the adventure
Of which splendor is an ever-present promise for such endurance

Note: Fellow blogger, Kabeer, asked, “Why are you living life?” at the end of his post entitled, I don’t know why.” The above was my answer. Perhaps you might answer, too! Blog your answer and kindly refer back to My World: The World I See.


Time: Friend or Foe? (Free Verse)

Sometimes time seems to fly by so very quickly,
And you wonder where the moments have gone
And what you have really done
Since you last looked at a clock;
And it stuns you to realize how the minutes pass
Without your capturing them to do something . . .
Yet time can seem so slow when you are working;
You wonder if the minutes have turned to hours –
‘Tempus fugit’ is not always the case in this life –
But when time does fly by you often want to stop
And rewind the clock to retake those lost minutes
But you cannot . . . You can only move forward . . .
Ever forward with time, whether so fast (or slow)
Time: Do you have her, or does she have you???

Will It Be Today?

Will it be today, this day, that I hear the good news?
Along the way I wait ever so patiently with my view
Stretched out into the tomorrows of borrowed life
And wonder will I blunder this time or will I chime
With angels in rhythm and rhyme in an alive living?
Oh, will I hear it today that I am free and at liberty?
Will it be today, this day, that I hear the good news?
Along the way I’ve waited patiently with it in view!
Now I’m beginning to feel excitation in anticipation!
Will it be today? Oh, will it be today?


Your joy just grows and it shows;
It’s like a whiplash of happiness,
No gaseous flashiness in an uptown
Explosion of giddiness as you drown
In laughter at the coming hereafter;
And youth is renewed when viewed
From behind ~ how kind ~ so smile
One mile wide ~ don’t hide or chide;
You’ve got the right dress to press
On to success and bless yourself
As the world goes to hell
And the bell tolls twelve
As you sell your mockery
For six pence as genuine gleefulness;
Yeah, take it out on the town, girl
And unfurl your flag while you hurl
Your skin-sag bag to the north wind


The Cosmic Body


Swimming quickly past one another,
Fast the burst of neutron stars,
Teeming life in veins and arteries
Near and far make the Cosmic body.

Separate and part of one another,
Sister and brother, an electron
Of families in universal family;
What exists in us, is alive in all,
And we rise and fall together each.

Protons, electrons, quarks in eons
Of timeless Time, ruled by Eternity,
Making one fraternity, cosmic family
Moving galactic arms and legs, and
Bending celestial head; we make our
Bed in stellar sheets in hyperspace.


Note: This is not my usual style, but I felt compelled to write in free-verse this morning. I hope you, my readers, enjoyed this at least as much as I enjoyed penning it. All the best to each of you w/blessings!

I Will Wait For You

I am here and I’m alive

Waiting for love to arrive
Ill look to you and strive
Like I am a desperate person
Lying here it only worsens

Why wait to take the bait?
A raving appetite to satiate
Ill slam right into your gate
To hear you cry, “checkmate!”

For love belongs to the strong
Over the weak, where I belong
Right or wrong, I sing the song

Yell, then, if you really must
Only please let me in you trust
Until I can taste your stardust!

Note: This acrostic poem inspired by My Silly World

Quote Challenge January, Day Three

The blogger at Inking the Thinking nominated me this time. Please do visit her blog; it’s wonderfully creative and uplifting. Now for this exciting challenge!

Challenge’s rules:

  1. Post on three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge your readers to do the same, and let’s spread the love and wisdom!
  4. Consider this a monthly challenge.

Today, three quotes are offered is on the topic of loyalty:

An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness.
— Elbert Hubbard

A man who will steal for me will steal from me.
— Theodore Roosevelt

If this man is not faithful to his God, how can he be faithful to me, a mere man?
— Theodoric

As for challenging three others,  I will simply challenge my readers. . . Go for it; you may find an immense blessing as you look into the simple wisdom of someone else!  And again I encourage my readers: Challenge yourself once each month. Remember, it’s only three days, which would account for only around 10% of each month and that’s not a lot.