Big Fish in a Small Pond

He’s a big fish in a small pond, swimming proudly and loudly;
He’s critically acclaimed, you know? Well, if not, he’ll show you!
He’ll walk you down his promenade with his trifling accolades
So you’ll be sure that he’s really somebody after this grand tour;
And if he offers you a tidbit of his talent, you should sit in awe
And return many thankings else he’ll give you a good spanking;
If only you knew, he’s been published and received his reviews!
What does it matter if the sea knows not that he even exists?
He has his small pond, you see, and so he persists as a big fish,
And will dish out his importance to all of the minnows around
With boundless pride and arrogance . . .
But will anyone know when he has died?
He’s a big fish in a small pond, swimming proudly and loudly!
Just a big fish in a small pond, swimming proudly and loudly!


You Are an Artisan

Sometimes you get hit hard ‘n just feel like crying,
And sometimes even lying in bed hurts your head;
Sometimes you feel like curling up and just dying,
And sighing isn’t enough when you’re truly trying
To do your finest to fight through another life test
When you feel like a unwanted guest in the world
But you stand as tall as you can and give it your all
Even though it seems nobody really understands
And all you get in return are more hard demands
And so you wonder what to do, options too few,
But then you spy pen, pencil, or brush and hush,
For there they all are, instruments for your scars
To turn your pain into some kind of gain yet again
And in turn to bless others and maybe to impress
Something upon their minds and souls to unbind
Them from their own shackles with seeds sown
From your very own life blood . . .
You Are an Artisan

Sometimes These Shadows

Shadows walk with us, sometimes numerous
And often unnoticed, sometimes very clearly,
Sometimes barely visible, sometimes friendly,
Sometimes quite ominous, but always present

Sometimes these shadows come from the past,
Sometimes these shadows forebode the future,
Sometimes these shadows are merely our own,
Sometimes these shadows come from another

Shadows can haunt us and taunt our very souls,
And sometimes strike a cautionary note to us,
But oftentimes they come to call us to recollect
Something long forgotten, before we were born

Yes, the very Ages themselves cast long shadows
That walk with and talk to us, if we see and hear,
And they bespeak the imperfect story of humans,
And they bespeak the imperfect story of our own

Sometimes these shadows come from hell’s pit,
Sometimes these shadows come from heaven,
Sometimes these shadows invoke much terror,
Sometimes these shadows provoke much peace

But always these shadows in our shadow land;
Shadows walk with us . . . yes, ever the shadows

Note: I would like to dedicate this poem especially to my fellow-blogger and friend, Tony Single who, like all artisans (including yours truly), must be a bit of a shadow-walker. Blessings to one and all!

New Blogzine: Pax et Dolor

Hello friends, followers, and readers! Jyotee (aka “Isolated Girl”) and I have jointly created a new online magazine, or blogzine, called Pax et Dolor.

Pax et Dolar is Latin simply meaning “peace and pain,” the name we chose for this online blogzine quite simply because life is filled with both peace and pain. In the poetry, prose, photography and art work offered here you will likely find expressions of both. Hopefully ~ and it is our aim ~ you will also find unique contributions from a variety of poets, writers, photographers, and artists. And this is where you come in … maybe, hopefully!

We are looking for contributions to all of the above categories (plus one more mentioned below), and invite you to e-mail submissions of prose (please try to keep it to 1,000 words or less!), poetry, photography or artwork to And, of course, prose can include personal stories, short stories, flash fiction, advice columns, travel articles, etc.

We have also thrown in another category just for the heck of it, and that is: cuisine. Here you might very well discover your next dinner! Or you might very well contribute a recipe for someone else’s dinner! We hope and pray above all that you will at least enjoy your stay at Pax et Dolor and will decide to return … and even follow us! And with that said, blessings to one and all.

Thank You for Understanding

I have been gone for awhile; I had to slip away to take a trip
To the hospital where I had to take leave of my craftsmanship
And my readership as well, for which I do sincerely apologize;
My head was spinning; there was only grinning and bearing it
For three days in the way of decent treatment of my malady;
So to readers and those whom I read, I plead understanding,
And thank you, because I know you do and will . . .
But now I am back on track to tack more writings to my blog!

Seven Day Poem (Day Six)

On November 29th I began a seven-day poem with one stanza, and committed to adding one each day thereafter for seven days. This is Day Six. (For more info on why I’m doing this, please read my previous article.) So in the end I should have one whole poem with seven stanzas, each one having been written on a different day…

Seven-Day Poem

You intrigued me by being intrigued by me
As I wondered, ‘how can this possibly be?’
Am I to have another ‘she’ in my poor life
And will it be but another knife to my soul?

Now part of my heart feels young once again
As I begin to ponder all of the possibilities
But reality attacks and smacks me in the face
Reminding me of my actual place in this life

I am not really old but I am growing old
And though my heart is warm, my body is cold;
And I have not the strength to chase rabbits,
Or to form new habits or weather the storm

But you, you would shove all else aside for love,
To drink deeply from the rich cream of full life,
To fulfill your most cherished childhood dreams,
And no team of strong stallions can tear you away!

You deny reality staring you straight in the face
As you pace back and forth considering the worth
Of a bond newly birthed in raw desire unearthed
Never thinking we’ve nothing to give for this to live

But roses still bloom in season for good reason,
And then their beauty fades, having bade farewell,
And those roses do die and never try to live on and on;
Ah! There truly is propriety in the society of life!

Note: Thank you to Maja at  Business in Rhyme for inspiring me to take up this challenge! By the way, her own 31-day poem is progressing very nicely, so if you haven’t done so, you should check it out! Blessings!  For Day Seven, the final outcome, go here!