Night Fright Heightening Fear So Near

Guided by dull and dim light while walking the streets at night,
What do I hear but a frightening sound heightening my fear
At the mere thought of what it might mean and what scene
Should accompany the scream of terror beyond dark dream?
It is worse than beast ready to feast, red in tooth and claw;
It is a man with soul with no protectors, hunted by specters
Which are no respecters of title of fame or any other claim,
For they have lived ten thousand times ten thousand years,
And they have ears to hear the empty boasts of mortal hosts
~ such is the doom of humanity as the devil spins his loom ~
And so such gloom hangs over the head and heart of another
For whom the dark is too heavy and tomb too certainly sure;
And what to do now that I am plagued by such terrible voice,
But turn and run or assume my station by this hapless victim
Abiding by the dictum of love and courage above,
Thus deciding my own fate with no readied escape
To the morning because I did not heed the warning of wisdom?
Will I die to try to buy this brother a few more days from hell?
Or will I vanquish this foe with a blow aglow in midnight hour
From the bower of heaven on which grows unworldly power?


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