Looking for Grace

My very own map was carefully laid with plans well-made,
But the Hand of Heaven placed a stop sign on the road
And turned me back around so I am bound to look for grace,
And she wears a different face this day along the way,
But still remains the same in the game of life so rife
With pain and seemingly no gain . . . but I’m looking
And I’m patiently awaiting the rain . . . the rain of grace

Note: Thank you to each one of you who have wished me well and have prayed for and encouraged me! All of you are absolutely wonderful!!! However, it seems that my planned one-year sabbatical for health and healing is simply not going to be, at least not right now; so I will still have Internet access ~ limited though it may be ~ for the time being. Best regards and blessings to all my fellow bloggers and readers . . . More later as I am able.


11 thoughts on “Looking for Grace

    1. Thank you so very, very much for your love, concern, support and invaluable friendship. I am holding on to hope by faith that all will work out well … sooner than later! All of the very best to you w/blessings!

      1. You are so welcome my love. That’s great. I’m so glad you are. Hope and faith are your best tools in time of trouble. Just know you are not alone. Reach out whenever you need me. I’ll be here. Love you so much. Thank you and the same to you my dear sweet loving friend.

  1. What happened to you. I though you just went spending time with you son and eventually will come back. What kind of health problem do you have. I have my health problem. I can walk because I have nerve damage on my feet. I have high blood pressure that got me scared. Let me know so I can pray for you!

    1. Ah! Unfortunately I suffer from deep depression and anxiety … sometimes so much that it is debilitating. I appreciate your prayers on my behalf very, very much. Thank you… As for visiting my son, we had an awesome time together, but after I came back I was hoping to get into an ongoing, in-house program that deals with my ailments. I thought everything was in place and ready for me to begin a one-year journey toward healing and restored mental health … but that all fell through! However, I am holding on to hope by faith, believing that our God has me in His mighty hands and that He will not let me go. I am trying to believe that the best is yet in store for me … sooner than later! Thank you again for your support, encouragement and prayers. All the best to you w/blessings!!!

      1. I’m sorry to hear your ailment. I’m taking anti-anxiety medication. I just get anxious easily without awaring, but it shows up as eczema. Then I realize that I’m under stress. I take Lorazepam before bedtime. Right now I have high blood pressure. I started taking low dose of med. I took it for 15 years and stopped for 10. Now it started again. As research says, stroke is a silent killer. As far as depression, there are several types of depression. Probably you have found out what you have already and set up an ongoing, in-house treatment. I trust God’s healing power, I also trust the medical treatment that God allows human to discover and use to treat our imperfect body. If the depression is due to chemical imbalance, medication is needed to keep the balance. My husband is in such case. He could even tell when he take it, take less of it, or take what he is supposed to take. If depression is due to chemical imbalance, it could lead to withdrawn from social activities, easy to cry, have no energy, and even suicidal! When I had cancer, I had to receive treatment. If depression is due to traumatic experience. There are medical procedures to deal with it also. The in-house program may include meditation, relaxation. I’m not familiar with that. One blogger had a blog to talk about all the invisible illnesses. Depression is invisible, but it can be as ill as liver cancer. I pray for your decision. Receive treatment doesn’t mean that you have less faith in God. I keep praying for you!!!

        1. Thank you once again… Yes, depression and anxiety are serious, though invisible, ailments. I just got back from a group therapy session in which we talked about emotional and psychological health, and the need to take care of ourselves psychologically and spiritually as well as physically. It was an excellent meeting. Of course, I have been on medication for years now, but for some reason my condition has taken a turn for the worse recently, so now I am looking for ongoing therapy in addition to the medications… I very much appreciate your saying that receiving treatment doesn’t mean you have less faith in God. This is what I believe, too. God has given us the ability to treat so many diseases and illnesses and often times this is precisely how He works ~ that is, through human means. God bless you and your husband and whole family!

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