Key to My Heart (Sevenfold Poem)

Anyone who looks can see
You hold the key to my heart
And unlock me when you please
With uncomplicated ease
Because I belong to you
And you are so true to me
Anyone who looks can see


27 thoughts on “Key to My Heart (Sevenfold Poem)

  1. Anyone who looks can see me unlocking this key and opening the door of my heart where I can touch each and every one with my Love. Added a few of my lines to end your poem of awesome words Jonathan. Lovely.

      1. My pleasure!
        That was another ‘week’ of splendid poetry you created. Looking forward, as always, to your next piece of art.
        Wishing you a wonderful weekend and new week to come. Big hug my friend, XxX

  2. Confident, trusting, vulnerable, and real! Beautiful poem.
    I’m done writing the melody (step 1). Now go back to count the beats (step 2) and put it on music sheet to line up the words and music notes (step 3)! And more steps to come….

    1. You’re amazing! Thank you so very, very much… I do wish I could hear the melody, but I have to be patient. Bless you for your kind and gracious efforts on my behalf! πŸ™‚

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