In the Mountains of Caelum

The drum beats in the grand Mountains of Caelum,
Calling me in the valley low to make my ascension
Without affectation to see you in your exaltation,
And so I begin my benign climb on this one fine day,
Careful in each step and nowhere to stay on my way
To see you, my Beloved, within your rugged keep
So steep, but the travel is weary and I sadly weep
To think that on the brink of meeting you I may fail
Because I am weak, though I seek you with my all,
Yet I may fall and then shall you come to find me?
And will you still bind me to yourself above in love
Where you stand in the grand Mountains of Caelum?
Yes, in your passion and compassion I know you will
But still I do not want to carry the blame and shame
Of faltering along the way this day to be with you . . .
In the Mountains of Caelum, your heavenly realm . . .

Note: In Latin, “caelum” means “heaven.” Blessings to one and all!


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