Nothing Compares to You

Mountain streams flowing and sun beams of glowing gold,
And valleys of lush green and rolling pastures ever serene;
Cerulean skies of azure blue where the majestic eagle flies;
From the highest heaven to gilded wheat that leaven fields;
Nothing compares to you, not even rarest beauty laid bare,
And I’m caught in the slipstream of your passionate dream
Of love that blows in the quiet wind and round every bend,
O my Beloved, who stands so far above ten thousand loves;
No, nothing compares to you, so how shall I speak of you?
Ah! beauty reflects Beauty so it’s my duty to reflect you too
Though I dare not try to compare even my true soul to you,
For nothing compares to you; no, nothing compares to you!


11 thoughts on “Nothing Compares to You

  1. You know Jonathan, our perspective of who or what God is, is different. However, I am always amazed your poetry about your faith is divisible into any believe one has, if that makes any sense.

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