Mourning and Morning (Triple Haiku)

Feeling out of sorts
Out of place and contorted
Only sad reports

Fired by myself
Only to be rehired
But I am tired

Darkness of mourning
Brighter hope with the morning
And no more scorning


10 thoughts on “Mourning and Morning (Triple Haiku)

  1. Fired by yourself, only to be rehired, because you’re admired…*smile* (Don’t mean to interrupt. You touched my sad part, so do something before I go.) March 20th, first day of spring. (Oh I remind my daughter to wear green tomorrow.)

    1. Great interruption . . . thank you! And wouldn’t you know I have nothing green to wear! 😀 But still, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 And here’s to the arrival of Spring and the wonders of refreshing new life *smile*

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