Swim the Cerulean Sky

You give me wings to fly high into the sky
And coax me to try but I deny that I can take flight
And in fright stay perched upon my rock;
I will not stray even on this bright, sunny day,
So no wonder you cry that I would lie
And deny myself such unbridled pleasure,
Swimming through treasures in azure heavens
Leavened with love and grace so far above earth,
And you tell me my worth is more than granite,
That I should not allow this planet
To hold me down tight like a magnet . . .

You tell me if I am ready and steady enough
To swim in the deep blue sea with such glee,
Then I should not fear to soar above earthen floor;
It’s like walking through a door, so you say,
And as easy as it is to play, if only I would lay down
My fear, lift up my arms and pray . . . I will not drown
In the clouds any more than in the saltwater sea,
And I know there is nothing to fear with you so near,
So why do I hesitate as if you would bait me
Into doing something I would certainly hate?

Still, you look at me with compassion
In loving fashion fueled by passion . . .

And my heart is not proud, nor my eyes lifted high,
And though my sigh must discourage you, I do try
To understand the wonders you graciously unfold
And rest in quiet calm as you apply a healing balm,
So soon all worry will disappear,
And yet there is no need to hurry
As you look at me with compassion
In loving fashion fueled by passion . . .

My eyes run over the wings you’ve given me to fly
And I tell myself that maybe I’ll try . . . maybe try

Note: Originally published in October 2016


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