Holding You, Holding Me

Somehow only because of you I have made it through,
Made it through another day and night without fright;
You put all my dæmons to flight by your bright light,
And the sight of you cheered me thru the dreary dark;
Your warm arms are strong and your grip is powerful,
And long though the day may be you never let me go,
And I sing for the joy you bring like flowers in Spring;
Oh, how can it be that you love me so? I cannot see,
But I lift my voice and dance for the choice you made
When you bade me come to you, into your embrace
Where I am sound ‘n safe, and my very heart pounds
Inside my chest as I hold the very best in this world!

Note: Originally published in January of this year, now republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers … and because it is especially dear to my heart! Blessings to one and all!


15 thoughts on “Holding You, Holding Me

      1. Welcome dear noble.why do you not publish ur all poems as a beutyful book covrage.reading ur poems-i think dt d title of book should be “Ode to love” or “soul of love calls”.do yoy agree with me.

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