Love, Forever Love Me

Oh, how good you are to me and all will see;
When my burdens are heavy you carry me
With my load of care and share in my tears,
Wash away my fears with but whisper tones
Of love from above that shove aside terrors
Of the night and the blight that stalks by day,
And say, ‘I love you forever and ever I shall,’
And the gloom disappears along with doom
Because I belong to you and to you alone . . .
You, who never leaves me alone, my beloved;
Oh, how good you are to me and all shall see!
Ah! My Love, Rose of Sharon, how can it be!


23 thoughts on “Love, Forever Love Me

      1. I used to memorize lot of hymns. Now the church with young people don’t sing hymns anymore. When I don’t sing them for years, it’s hard to remember the whole hymns! I appreciate your poem and inspiration!

  1. Yeah noble dear!!all are possible if one ur poem”rose of sheron….”is wonderful in meaning.a lovely and innocent feelings….

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