Heart of Gold So Bold: My Peace

Heart of gold, unfold for me story untold,
Your shoulders carry the weight of the world
Through the gate of everlasting ages
And you laugh at the half of it all, standing tall,
As if it were but a feather in fair weather;
Spirit of steel, yet so tender to heal
And seal the cracks in my broken soul,
And you fill my bowl with heavenly food
Even when I brood over my sore condition;
Your rendition of my life, though, cheers me so
And thus I will go with you wherever you go;
Sow your blessed seeds in my heart,
Water them with your tears and let them grow
And let me know your constant love forever,
For I would rest my head upon your chest
And there find the best of comfort to be found,
And hear the angels sound in song
Letting me know that I belong . . . to you, to you!

Note: First published in November 2016, now republished for the consideration and enjoyment of new reader-followers


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