Refreshing Rain

A refreshing rain comes to wash away the stain
Of strain and strife and pain in cleansing power
Softly streaming down every bower of my heart
And into every part of my soul filling up its bowl
With clear, crystal pure water pushing out fear
And once again I feel near to the heart of heaven
As my life is leavened with grace and I embrace
This gift with my now-shining face as I keep pace
With the mercy-flood coursing through my veins
Like blood healthy and untainted with a wealth
Of joy beyond what this world can give as I live
As this refreshing rain washes away all my stain
. . . and I gain in the rain new purity and serenity
In this refreshing rain . . . yes, this refreshing rain


12 thoughts on “Refreshing Rain

  1. Really Nice Poem πŸ‘
    and while reading this poem (other blogs on WordPress) I felt a completely different, all these shows that things are in same way we see them 😊
    We just to change/modify our thoughts (mind) to get things better for us πŸ˜‡

  2. On a rainy day like it is here today, this makes me dislike the rain a little less…inspiring for me and motivating to keep on walking with the dogs even on rainy days…

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