Sweet Stream of Endless Dreams

Slowly rising steam from sweet, warm stream meandering
Through my soul filling every hole, and what will you
Whisper to me this day? Ray of hope, perhaps, and miles
Of smiles with no one to beguile my heart, tear it apart,
Leaving me forlorn? And maybe you will nudge me to raise
Up my horn of salvation in exaltation of all that is good
And worthy and true in this new, never-ending beginning?
Oh, sweet stream that flows from without within, can we
Begin to dance round the rugged pole and prance about
Like hinds in high places with spaces filled with love
And laughter from now till hereafter? And let me wash
In your steaming springs to bring purity to body, mind
And spirit, to unbind the better part of me ever so caked
In muck and mire; and pull me forth from dire position
Of life rife with pain with no gain, giving me possession
Of hours free from oppression but filled with expressions
Of deep joy that will be mine to keep, e’en though I sleep;
And will you bid me kiss the sky as you sing me soft lullaby
To dry my tears and end my cry? Oh, will it be sweet slumber
By you, my slowly flowing stream meandering through my soul?
Ah! Meander through my soul sweet stream of endless dreams!
Meander through my soul… Meander through my soul…

Note: First published in July 2016, now being republished for the enjoyment of new reader-followers. Blessings to one and all!


19 thoughts on “Sweet Stream of Endless Dreams

  1. Meander trough my soul……amazing poem.sweet stream of endless dreams is true n honest friend of a lovely n emotional guy,dear !! I too feel dt in my imagination world where i spend mostly my time .marvellous.a good pieces of heart’s emotions .

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