I Looked for You

I looked for you in bars and in the stars,
In plush beds and in might river heads,
As I knew you were bound to be found,
And I searched through the thick forests,
Perched on large limbs to see only you,
And I travelled gravel roads to find you,
And looked through hills and old mills,
But you were not anywhere to be found,
Though I could hear your whisper sound,
And I wondered as I blundered through
This world into which I had been hurled
How I could hear someone so very dear,
But never find . . . never see . . .
So I looked in one final place: my heart
And there you were with traces of grace,
Where you had been all along,
Where you always did belong,
And now I sing your song ‘n freely dance
And prance and now suddenly see you . . .


5 thoughts on “I Looked for You

  1. Love it. Again.
    Reminds me of a poem by a Dutch poet about someone who finally gave up searching for ‘luck’ and as soon he stopped, ‘luck’ found him and he was happy ever since…

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