One fine day we will find our way and learn to say, ‘I love you’
And mean it from a clean heart from where we glean our humanity;
And on some starry night we might find we are not alone after all,
But held by the strong arms of another of might, beautiful sight;
And all of our nightmares will disappear and peace will reappear
In our souls without any holes, just bowls of affection like new
Springs with no infection, and no defection or dereliction of duty,
But for now we wait while heaven fights the hate in our dark hearts
As the enemy darts in and out of the shadows thru the meadows
Of song-filled spirits where we belong to each other and to the One;
How now shall we live, and how shall we be for all the world to see?
Is there anyone who has such fun playing on the strings of our minds
As the angels who sing and bring good cheer to residents of earth?
We march forward on all fours across the floor of terrestrial sphere,
Never coming near the goal of immortality yet not moving in futility;
We step forward into everlasting day in the same way we were born:
Through pain but in deep joy too, and who can tell what happiness
Is brought by ones who fought to give life to such hope in the heart?

Note: First published in May 2016


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