What Are You Saying to Me Now?

What are you saying to me now, my heart is deaf,
Yet you are here, I want to hear, my eyes are dim;
You touch me, smile and the whole cosmos sings,
Your presence ringing throughout my very being
Even though seeing is near impossible here, now
And how shall I proceed? Surely you will succeed
In opening my ears once again to hear your song;
It’s been so long since last listening to your voice
But that’s not my choice as I would listen forever
And never turn away from your charming sound
And the sharp, alluring spy of your emerald eyes
Because my love for you springs out of your love
So hold me now, near and dear, before I collapse
In such strain to hear what you are saying to me
In strong, passionate compassion, or else I faint;
Oh, what are you saying to me? My heart is deaf!


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