Prayer of the Called

Do you want me to help heal the brokenhearted?
To bind up wounds and to announce your favor?
To set free those long in the prison of darkness?
Oh, this broken vessel, Lord, and very tarnished!
Are you picking up all the pieces
To make of me what I think I see?
I would be a salvaged wreck preaching to saints!
And you know I traveled down that road before,
When I was younger and prideful and so selfish;
And what legacy did I leave behind me but ashes?
And do you want to use me now, Lord? Even me?
Oh God! You have saved me from certain death;
You know you can do with me what you please,
But what church would accept me as a shepherd?
Ah! But I believe in you and what you want to do,
Only give me a sure and certain sign of your will;
For here am I; I will go wherever you send me . . .


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