Comfort Along the Path of Life

You walk with me along this path where I belong
And so long to know where we are going,
But you will not show me the destination
In determination that I simply trust in you or bust;
Ah! But this path is overgrown
And so many seeds have been sown along the way,
And I am a little frightened and my chest tightened
Because I don’t know what lies ahead; a dead end?
No, surely not! You love me too much
For such a destiny and so I desperately cling to you
Knowing that the intimacy we share is not a snare!
Trembling, I wrap my arms around you,
Bound and determined to ever be yours;
And you stroke my head and say what you’ve said:
‘Don’t be afraid; I’m the One who’s made the way.’
And cradled by you, I’m reminded of what I knew;
And again there is no fear with you so very near . . .
Why do I need to know what’s ahead
When you’ve made your bed my own?
And you are with me to be my constant Companion


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