Do Not Despair, There is Hope for Repair

Terrified soul curled up in the corner like a foreigner to life itself,
Your very own emotions have caused an unbelievable commotion
Inside your mind to bind you in confusion and rank desperation;
Ah! But there is reparation for all of your pain and your suffering,
And there is One who understands and cares, who can help you
Bear your burden, bringing bright light into your darkened spirit;
And there are many, many others who care and will help you bear
With piety your burden of overwhelming depression and anxiety;
You are not alone though you are prone to feel exactly this way . . .
But, maybe, you’ve not been shown that others’ll hear your groan
And respond in compassion, support, affection ‘n love from above;
Do not despair! There is help to repair your ill-damaged psyche!
Pray, pick up the phone and much-needed help will be on the way!

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233


6 thoughts on “Do Not Despair, There is Hope for Repair

  1. yes! : )

    There’s a hope!
    For repair
    do not despair
    we do care
    and you will live
    In our prayer!
    so, do share!

    : )

    you know jon, but there’s a time in everyone’s life,
    when they actually give up.

    I don’t know why. I also had and its quite fine now.

    1. Thank you for your most gracious and uplifting words of encouragement, Jyotee! Yes, there are thousands upon thousands who feel like they have reached the “end of their rope,” so to speak. That’s the whole reason for this poem and, especially, the phone numbers at the bottom… Although I do realize these phone numbers are only applicable in North America. My hope and prayer is that some will repost this poem and add phone numbers and appropriate information from their own countries… Anyway, as always, peace and abundant blessings to you, my dear friend!

      1. I have never seen any kind person than you Jonathan.


        Okk if these are available in Nepal I will search n repost.

        I will find out.

        I would love to help all of those peopl who are lonely!

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