Send Despair Packing . . . Back to Hell

When the demon of despair comes to make war
Send the One of Love to the door for the chore
Along with Truth to sound the warning bell
Before sending that dark wraith back to hell!
Allow the Spirit of Peace to gently flow in to
Repair the horrible damage inflicted by despair;
Raise your hands and sing to bring Lady Joy
Into the room along with her serenity broom
To sweep and clean out all feelings of doom;
You need not be victim to the dictum of despair;
Charge forward and chase away hollow despair,
And let Hope swallow the debris left behind
By this unkind and unwanted foe . . .
Yes, strike your blow! With such allies, strike!


11 thoughts on “Send Despair Packing . . . Back to Hell

  1. That was wonderful to read! It came on the heels of me being threatened by one of the owners of the Open Door in Atlanta where I came to volunteer. It is a very strange place that suppose to help the homeless but seems to despise them. But your words of wisdom is great…send it back to the sender.

      1. No, thank you for writing this brilliant piece. You are truly very, very talented. πŸ™‚
        Thank you for your well-wishes. ❀

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