Choose What is Really You

Three kegs of weak beer or one bottle of fine wine?
You may choose and lose either way,
But what will you have won in the choice you’ve made?
Artificial flowers forever bloom in the gloom of death,
But only the living ones have life but this means strife:
Which will you purchase?
What is forever worthless or that with timely purpose?
You can look at neon lights mesmerized
But compromised in beauty plagiarized
From moon and stars in their soft, bright ‘n warm light;
You can watch nature scenes on your glowing screen,
Or you can take pleasure in an adventure
Into the treasure of the genuine . . . up close ‘n personal!
Sham pearls make a conveniently nice vice,
But they only cover the beauty to discover inside of you;
So what will you choose?
Whatever it is, there is always something to lose, but . . .
What will you have gained in the choice you’ve made?
Give voice now to reason and choose what is true . . .
Choose what is really you!


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