And You Would Rather Run Away

Yes, you’d rather run away than face yourself today;
It’s easier that way, wouldn’t you say?
Fast fly from yourself but your own self keeps up
And forces you to drink from the cup of honesty
No matter how much you want to cheat reality . . .
See here the reflection of the infection of your life;
Stare at the glaring truth and be set free
From your crooked conceptions and self-deception!
You may finally find your tray of trinkets worthless
And be done with the rubbish, lies and flies of hell!
Stand, look and be made well
In the bright light of honesty:
You are more precious than gold but that cold truth
Makes you tremble inside and stumble in your stride
Through life . . . Ah! It is too much to bear, you say!
To be worth so much to Someone else – like blood –
When you flood yourself daily with muck and mud!
What? You expected condemnation?
But here is the exchange for exaltation
In the incarnation of Love for your glorification . . .
But it’s easier to run away from your true self, eh?
Every day to turn another way, wouldn’t you say?


4 thoughts on “And You Would Rather Run Away

    1. Ah! We do … I know I have, but how wonderful it has been to see myself as God sees me: An unique and beautiful individual worth more than gold! Thank you so very much for your comment! As always, all the best to you w/blessings!

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