Too Persistent, Damn Insistent!

You demand to understand why
They pushed you away that day,
But can you bear to tear yourself
Away from self-delusion
To hear the conclusion?
You were overly persistent
And too damnably insistent!
It was your way or the highway,
You tried to take over,
Then you lied to them!
And you insisted you were right
With all of your might,
And it was ever so trite
But also quite the fright
That you’d made such intrusion;
And you stopped up your ears
And shed many tears of fears
That you’d never again see them,
But they had to be free from you!
No, no; you were blind to all this,
Your mind all in a tangled bind . . .
But now? Can you see in hindsight?
Do you have a better view
Of what was then so true?
Ah! But they have not completely
Cut you off, forever shut you out;
They’ve only made some space,
Put you in your place
And set a new pace . . .
Can you, will you accept this?
Can you be part ‘n not the whole?
Play the more secondary role?
This all may come as quite a blow,
But, really, you had to know, right?
So don’t go digging your low grave;
Up now ‘n show your better self!
Repair the heart bridge with care
Repair . . . with tender loving care


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