Self-Motivation: An Inside Conversation

What is churning inside you? What is turning you and twisting you, insisting on dominating you?

Truly, I don’t know. I have nothing to show. There seems to be an empty space inside and no ace to play.

You sound like you’re trapped, so wrapped up within yourself you’re beyond motion and lively emotion.

But, no, I’m not trapped inside; I’ve simply collided with an impenetrable wall that will not fall.

Climb over the wall, then; it’s not so tall! And it’s not meant to fall anyway. The wall is there for you . . . for your own good.

You mean something like a challenge to my knowledge and balance, my determination and the maturation of my imagination, my vision and decision to reach my destination with no more hesitation?

Ah! And here you’ve been sitting in stagnation, as if a victim of emasculation! Up, then, and over the wall — or under or around — but you’re bound to get to the other side if only you decide no longer to abide where you are, lying like corpse under the same stars!

Yes, of course . . . I’ll never know what plunder there is on the other side if I simply abide where I am. And I should chide myself for sitting here so long, where I don’t belong; after all, life is a journey, and one not to be made on a gurney!

Note: Originally published early in September 2016


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