Liquid Crystal Moving: Peace

mocking voices
crosstalk of cursing
knocking down doors
people locking


surprising resistance
no blinking
no winking


lighting the way
sighting the goal
writing peace
lease on life


standing tall
banding in chords
commanding attention
demanding justice


Note: In my poem, “One Day, Same Day,” I admitted that I did not know what to label this form of poetry . . . and I still don’t; however, it is obviously poignantly-pointed and sectional. For the time being, at least, Tanya Cliff and I have decided on the suave-sounding vers l’avant, which (lit.) means “forward verse.” Perhaps there will one day even be a category for vers l’avant! Who knows? Obviously, I enjoyed it enough that I thought I’d give it another go! Hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Liquid Crystal Moving: Peace

  1. Excellent, once again! I love the use of alliteration. I’ve no idea what to call this either. It is circular in nature (or seasonal/progressive), but, as you said, sectional. (If you get an idea for a name for it, let me know…Lol)

    I may have to try a few more myself. You’ve inspired me!

    1. Wonderful! I look forward to reading more of yours . . . whatever we choose to call this type. Ah! Since you mentioned the fact that it’s progressive, we might call it “Progressive Freeverse,” or “Progressive-Sectional Freeverse.” LOL Although both names sound too … hmmm, academic to me! LOL 🙂

      1. Lol…I’ll take “Progressive-Sectional Freeverse” and ponder it for a bit. I’ll see if something less academic sounding materializes. Either way, it’s fun to write.

        1. Yes! And also I forgot to say how happy I am that I ended up inspiring you, too! 🙂 Oh, and to make it sound less academic (at least to English-speaking folks) we could call it vers l’avant, which (lit.) means “forward verse.” LOL Just a thought! 🙂

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