One Day, Same Day

far horizon
painting low sky reddish
dreams fade
as reality awakens again
eyes reopen


covers fall
naked to the world
exposed to truth
pain and joy
suffering and laughter


clock chimes
time flies as ever before
out the front door
success in existing


rhyme of unreason
out of season
walking and talking
nonsense typical
light fades inviting shades


Note: Although I have no idea what to call this form (or kind) of poetry, I was inspired to give it a try by fellow-blogger, Tanya of . Somehow, though, I don’t believe I’ve quite got the knack . . . at least, this piece has not reached her level! Let it never be said that I won’t try a new form (or schemata).


6 thoughts on “One Day, Same Day

  1. Love your credentials-WOW!!! I think your poem is almost japanese Haiku, except it has too many lines and too many syllables. I encourage you to keep writing poetry. If John Dylan can get a Nobel prize for literature I’m sure you can be inspired to write more.

    1. Thank you so very, very much for your accolades and encouragement! And no worries so far as my writing is concerned, at least in the conceivable future! I love to write and, thus, write often . . . Some may say TOO often! LOL All the best to you w/blessings! 🙂

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