Ode to the Secluded One

Isolation in your own psychic habitation,
An exclusive mystery with little history,
You are a dark star shining inside
Where you abide with some chosen few;
And who knew you were so very special?
You move surreptitiously, inauspiciously
Here ‘n there and seemingly everywhere,
Leaving your mark on the bark
Of so many trees for eyes to see,
But do you think you’ve fooled everyone
By trying to be so cool,
Moving underground
With very little sound?
There are those folks with eyes that see
And ears that hear . . . they just don’t care!
Oh, how pitiful is your pretended charm
And how easily you gobble up the smarm!
But you only harm yourself by continuing
In such intense pretense,
Believing you make any grand difference
When you’ve only been sold and bought
By your own ego and brought down
To your knees in such sad silent pleas
To be heard once again however absurd!
Instead of being so reclusive and allusive
You should simply come out of seclusion,
Leaving behind your poisonous illusion,
And tame your passion for bilious games!
Yes, be smart ‘n make a brand new start;
Come out of your shell and ring the bell . . .
You will be welcomed with opened arms
With no intentions to harm;
Just shine bright again with other lights
In the galaxy of liberty and authentic life


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