Riot and the Rape of Peace

Looting, stealing, shooting, pealing thunder

Of angry voices making choices of violence
In vehemence of protests hardly understood;
Proud defiance in furious alliance shocking,
Rocking an entire nation; is there salvation?
Can we hear the clarion call of the one
Who stood tall and stated, “Darkness
Cannot drive out darkness; only light?”
Ah! Thugs in the night blight the very peace
For which the world entreats day after day;
And flood of blood runs down these streets
To the beat of wild clamor with no glamor
And ne’er with shame in crimes, only blame,
So the claim is made: Another one is to fault,
And there will be no halt to the battle fought,

brigitte-bardot-383138__340And the devil rattles chains in anticipation
Of even more participation in nefarious war
Against love and unity, serenity and comity;
And the Liar sets fire to another community,
And yet another . . . and another . . . another!
Oh when will all this cease?
When will there be peace?


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