Love Held in Earthen Keep

It is still night, the sun not yet even a promise on the horizon,
And the melancholy blanket of black has been thick and long,
Unseen eyes out from opaque coverings hovering in corners
As the man sits at his mahogany desk with pen and ink-well
Still lingering over an ongoing song suiting the suave suitor,
One song for love he does not feel, peeling away authenticity,
So goes his way of life and he wonders when the sun will rise
Bringing light back into his vacuous existence in this valley
While remembering that one lovely star that faded and fell
Not so very long ago, now shrouded and held in earthen keep,
Leaving his soul covered in numinous dust as the reminder
That genuine communion does live for some souls who live,
But he had died that day she died, and of that he could not lie;
And the song he longed to sing was married but also buried,
So no new tune had arisen in his heart and words eluded him,
And it is still night with no bright glow yet on the far horizon


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