Just Sleep … Just Sleep

Oh ho! Listen! What will take you off this train of emotional pain?
Where the hell is the out-door to the floor of regained sanity?
Sound the bell for the bright, little pill that’ll take you uphill!
That’s right! No need for fright, fight, or flight; just pop it,
And all will be well, but… oh, you may feel kinda numb and dumb,
But no more plumbing the depths of emotion or reeling from feeling;
No more dealing with any desperation for healing…
Now ain’t that appealing!
Ah, maybe two or three more to stop the revolving door of insanity;
Just remember, there’s no place for vanity here, my dear,
But no sheer terror either, and isn’t that nice; your brain’ll be ice!
Oh, and here’s a nice vest made from the best, and it’s for you, too!
God, did you say? Oh now, now … God is but a wink and a nod
And perchance even a rod if you’re naughty; would you like a toddy?
Just lay down your body; you’re feeling groggy, no doubt?
Ah, just a bout with the medication in dedication to your health;
It works in stealth, but the wealth it brings’ll make you feel
Like a king… An emotional pauper, you say? So improper of you!
Now where are you going? We’ve just got the needle ready
For your arm so you don’t harm yourself anymore like a boar…
Wait! Come back here and take your bait! Stop all this nonsense
And balking at medicinals and talking about another way,
About seeing the light of day! Your imagination, dear, now here
This’ll cheer you up, then you’ll be fine and ready to dine
With the others ~ all sisters and brothers, eh ~ and they all have
On their very best vest, too, just like you! Ah, now, that’s better;
Just one stick, one little pin-prick and no more being homesick
Like an uneducated hick… There now, all better, and you’ll sleep
In the keep of this nice, little room and without e’en a peep…
Don’t think or blink or wink … just sleep … just sleep
Just sleep…


Note: No, I am not in an insane asylum or psychiatric ward, although after reading this you may think I need to be locked up! LOL  Point in fact, this was all inspired by my own ruminations of living in an overly-medicated society. (Agree or disagree on this point; it’s quite alright with me.) Otherwise, I’m doing quite well.  Originally published July 2016; being republished due to renewed attention … and I’m still doing quite well! 


9 thoughts on “Just Sleep … Just Sleep

    1. Thank you so very much, Josslyn! Yes, this piece is a bit unusual for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process involved. All the best to you w/blessings! 🙂

  1. I’m so grateful for that little note you left at the bottom of this post. 🙂 As already mentioned above this piece sounds like spoken word. It carries the message with vigour and passion, and a different narrator with a unique voice makes for a refreshing verse. And of course, subject matter is one most can relate to. Well done. 🙂

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