Behind the Mask

They think you have nerves of steel and such verve,
But if only they could peel away the mighty mask,
Then they might well ask who you really are with all
Of your scars, those holes in your heart, and shoals
Of insecurity found in your soul, and myriad bowls
Of uncertainty overflowing in your mysterious mind;
Yes, they might wonder how you bind it all together
Into one stalwart lady of high fashion and passion?
Ah! Behind the mask lies a world of hurled emotions,
Curled memories, stains of regret and untold pain,
Yet you walk with such confidence, no diffidence,
Almost in defiance of your purgatorial existence!
But then again your mask as such is just as much
Of you as the light is of the day and dark of the night;
You yourself crafted your mask to be the ‘real’ you
That you show all those who would know you . . .
So perhaps the mask is as much you as the you
Behind the mask!


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