In the Sea of Life

They said you were cruel, stubborn as a mule,
Getting up from the table when you were able,
But you only did what you knew you had to do
Because for you the game couldn’t be the same;
No more wild cards left, you’d gotten too tame,
And what a shame, they thought, you’d bought
Into a lie of transformation, complete alteration
Of personality into a man of distasteful banality;
But you only did what you knew you had to do
In lieu of the fact you’d changed so much that
You had to turn your back on table and cards;
After all, you were finally able to see that life
Is no gamble and begin to become what you
Were always meant to be in this Sea of Life.


7 thoughts on “In the Sea of Life

  1. Too vast sea of life!

    Yeah and I believe
    One must get wat they deserve!

    Only if the sea wasn’t too deep n forceful

    : )

    I forgot to ask you Jonathan, I cannot access Nandita’s blog!

    Where is she?

    Gday ahead

    1. Actually, Nandita closed down her site… Quite a few weeks ago she said ‘good bye’ to blogging (at least here … and if she is blogging elsewhere, I do not know.) G’day to you, too, dear Jyotee, and many blessings!

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