They Are the Peacemakers

There are those who but smile and tease
And sit at ease in their big armchair
Without any care in the world in which
They seemingly bear no responsibility
Or even the capability of making any
Difference outside of mere self-interest;
Then there are those whose role seems
To be shooting holes in the white sheet
Of peace with the lease they have on life
Without any concern for who they burn;
Their hearts church in danger and anger;
And then there are those pretend to bend
To what is good and right in light of day,
But venom really runs through their veins,
Their brains are ever working to attain
Whatever it is they can gain as they feign
Holiness, hiding malice in callous hearts;
Then there are those who are really bigots
Who turn on the spigots of angry division
While claiming a vision of true equality,
But without the quality of real sincerity;
They are a shame and shams and to blame
For frightening violence with vehemence;
But then there are those who live in love
Like pure, sweet doves of heaven to leaven
Our world with a bit of heaven, to plant
Some seeds of love that will meet needs
In tall trees towering high above the fray
And dismay of an earth in birth of turmoil;
They are the peacemakers — not takers
Or fakers or troublemakers — peacemakers
Peacemakers … Peacemakers … Peacemakers


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