You stand alone in your sighs and your cries
And mournful goodbyes never knowing why;
Not understanding why people are so gunshy,
Hardly ever calling or visiting or inviting you,
But you’ve binded hell cloth round your eyes
And blinded yourself to the cool cruel truth
That it’s not you, but that albatross you still
Have hanging round your neck, whose beck
And call you have been answering, all in all,
For decades like her lifetime nursemaid afraid
To let go even though she flew your nest long
Ago that day she tried to make her own way,
And ever since, through years of tears you’ve
Been afraid to say, ‘she needs me no longer,’
Though this would make you and her stronger,
But even more than this — tragically more —
You constantly try to score more love for her
Through manipulation in your relationships;
You really try to pry loved ones into her life
By knife of guilt trips meant solely to rip their
Hearts apart in pity for the albatross around
Your neck, wanting them to carry this cross
With faux gloss of friendship in some genuine
Relation that doesn’t exist, but you persist!
And, of course, they resist and will not enlist
In your twisted mist of fantastical dreamings,
So your name has ended up on their blacklist
Even though they still love you… you just fail
To understand that you simply cannot demand
Camaraderie contrary to all reason and fully
Out of season; you have crossed the boundary
Line far too many times, and sadness you feel
Is one sure sign that all you have left now in
Place of fine wine is but dross and your . . .


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