Chasing High Shadows

You spy me chasing high shadows in a grand land of mirage,
And what am I after, after all? Joy and laughter, perhaps?
Running down the alleyway to the bay, the ghostly ship
Has sailed away, but I cannot stay in one place; the chase
Must continue up and down each venue, desperation running
Through every sinew of my being, so then without seeing
I keep the mad pace of my chase of intangible phantoms
In this misty kingdom of insanity and high-vaulted vanity
All to avoid facing the morbidity of real reality…
But there you are, great Lion Lord, shaking your mane
In wonder of just how insane it is to chase shadow faces
In such dangerous places, but such is the case of the fool
Who, for all of his running and plunging, must one day
Embrace his mortality in reality anyway!


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