Who, Pray Tell … Who?

Who is it that causes so much division and derision among people
That keeps us biting and fighting instead of lighting the way
To better, brighter days? Who is it that engenders hate and holds
Out the bait of animosity with such ferocity? And who is it that
Causes curiosity to take hold, making us bold to violate trust
To satisfy our lust? Who is it that stirs up strife, envy and war
That puts knife in hand instead of plowshare, that kills friendly
Kinship in lengthy battles always begun but never won? Who is it
That tears your heart apart, leaving it in pieces, your soul grieving,
Thieving all joy and serenity you could otherwise have in plenty?
Who is this Enemy with such tendency to toy with us and destroy?
Who, pray tell … Who?


10 thoughts on “Who, Pray Tell … Who?

    1. Well, it was/is meant to be a poem, not an article, and so far as the answer to the question being “rhetoric,” I hadn’t quite thought of it that way, but you may very well be right! Thank you for reading and commenting. All the best to you!

  1. We ourselves, unfortunately.

    Great piece, sets the mind ablaze this early morning (where I am at least) and I appreciate the sentiment behind it. It’s a question of vigilance and one that needs asking constantly. You earned a follow.

  2. A self-doubt ingredients fiend who lacks a soul or pretends have a soul when all he/she are wanting in their materialistic world…more meaningless objects or monies.

    At least that’s one of my more simple answer.

    A great and powerful write!

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