I Am Mystique

Not good enough for you, not even good enough for me, I see,
And so you think I should flee the scene to somewhere quiet
And serene … and alone, for not one bone of my body is what
Constitutes beauty for the snooty crowd so intent on its duty
To criticize all that differs, working them up into a dither,
While they turn away from the oddity and burn at the audacity
Of one who would so boldly show up and blow up their party
With such hearty speech out of reach of limited understanding,
Comprehending only what is perfection in their eyes, a sordid
Reflection of their own lives, empty and vacuous, and nothing
Miraculous despite their affluence and overwhelming influence;
Yet I am me and will be, you see, and I know I’m worth my birth,
So shove off with your haughty pretense and your high expense
Of being accepted into your loud and gaudy crowd! There is One
From whom I’ve received my identity, which makes me who I am
And that’s no sham, nor is there any shame or pretended blame!
I am unique, and that is nothing bleak nor weak; point in fact
… It is an heavenly Mystique!


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