Politics in America

Bring out the paint to make some saints, and don’t forget the masks
For brash-crass politicians to bypass truth and bask in the circus
Of gleeful glory while piling manure over the real story in an effort
To seal the fate of an entire nation of lemmings, condemning them
To an unsuspected fate by bait of impossible promises pulled from
Effervescent clouds floating in liquescent sky under crescent moon
So soon to fade away on the day empty oaths are sworn with plenty
Of pomp and circumstance while citizens watch in mindless trance
And the puppet-servants prance while pence-bought clowns dance
In the romance of self-made fantasy of having gained something
In the election by their defection from flimsy conviction without
Realizing they’ll soon be served an eviction because they no longer
Serve any real purpose, but the party will go on beyond reason
For a season till the people understand too late that they’ve taken
Poisoned bait … again, that they’ve been pricked by self-serving
Dicks and tricked … again, and then they’ll cry to begin anew
But so few will make the effort to actually take action because
Of fear of harsh reaction and making such a fussy muss in pain
To regain life and liberty, sense and sensibility; and so the band
Plays on without any real reprimand — same tune, same song —
And so this is where we belong … in the grand ole U. S. of A**


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