Now Comes Your Sweet Breath

Comes your sweet breath with death round about me,
And the putrid smell of hell, and who can tell why,
So there is nothing else for me to do but cry and try
To please you and appease your anger over the danger
In which I plunged myself blind, into a maze of craze,
Because I’d lost all sanity yet still had plenty of vanity,
But you forgot my insanity and plunged into the muck
And mire and rescued me from my dark, dire situation
With unflinching fixation upon my salvation because
You thought me worth the expenditure to snatch me
Away from self-made sepulchre in your own bloody act
Of divestiture for which I never asked or dared to expect;
Yet still I walk these streets where I meet old souls
Filled with holes, hiding in old haunts, boldly taunting
One who walks in love and peace they may never know
Since they ceased long ago pursuing an higher way
In the light of never-ending day, and so in their own
Filth and vomit they stay with ne’er one ray of hope,
And this is the putrid smell of hell heavy with death…
But now comes your sweet breath, your sweet breath


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