Blue: In Memoriam

Red soaks strangely into blue but so few know the agony
Of patently cruel revenge upon the innocent for crimes
Accused though these pure souls did not abuse or misuse
What power they’d been given to stand like strong towers
Of resistance against the persistence of evil lurking
In the murky waters of back alleys and two-bit stores
Where whores hang for nickels and dimes while the clock
Chimes one after midnight, but there they shine a light,
Making their presence known and for this they’re blown
Away to never see another day, and never a ray of hope
Shines on gilded badge as the vagabond swigs his wine,
Wipes his lips and says, ‘Well ain’t that just fine!’
Tears are shed for fallen heroes as more rioters head
For the streets and storefronts claiming all rights
Justified by the persistent blight of their existence
As more glass is crashed and cars are smashed while
Pretended preachers stoke the fire, building a funeral
Pyre for an entire nation without realizing they’re
Screaming for their own castration as they succumb
To the temptation of rage, leading to the privation
Of home, family, church and community and the breaking
Of all unity and thus all hope for what is good and true
…including the brave men and women in blue, tis true!
…including the brave men and women in blue…


Dedication: To all of the courageous men and women, who serve in law enforcement across this country ~ the United States ~ and in remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, especially those gunned down in cold-blooded murder.


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