Toy or More?

Ah! Don’t be so coy! Play with my life like a new toy,
In the same game, perhaps, but have fun as the sun
Rises on this brand new day; I’ll not stand in your way;
Yeah, that’s right, put me on your tray and serve me up
To sup on my soul in your lust — it’s Abyss or bust —
But I’m just here for the ride, really nowhere to hide,
And no reason to wait cause I took your bait, repentance
Too late, you see, so for me it’s but the fiery furnace
Heated seven times over as the bell chimes my fate,
And there’s only one open gate and that to the flames,
But who’s to blame? It’s all the same when you take
That first step forward, however awkward, along such
Darkened road with heavy load of care you’d cast off
At any price, even a slice of your soul, but is not such
Relief ever so nice, though you lose you in the bargain
Amid the hyper-jargon of salvation without any savior?
And yet there is this brighter light still dimly glowing,
And murmur sounds of an eternal stream still flowing,
And the silent hush of heavenly breath still blowing
To make me wonder if being a toy is some sinister ploy
To tame me into pawn played in an unnecessary game.
Am I not more than a game piece with mere lease on life?
More than cheap trinket to keep till buried so deep?
Am I not a man … man with a soul?


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