We Weep As We Pray

What happens when words fail and tears are all we have?
Walking in a trail of blood, no good food for the soul,
And heart cracks; weight of the world breaks our backs;
But the tragedy continues to unfold as bold and vicious
Enemies of life rampage the whole world stage; we weep
And keep upsending our prayers to the One who will care,
And we lay bare our lives, confess the lies we’ve told,
And ask, ‘When will You hear the cries of the innocent,
And see the tears of the victims of hate?’ We are bait
For the soldiers of hate, and we wonder if it’s our fate
To simply die as so many have died while simply living
Still-to-be-told lives; and we cry all the more as we try
Not to imagine what might be in store for our beloved,
For our communities, our countries … our very selves…
We weep as we pray…
We weep as we pray…

Note: Dedicated to the victims of Nice, France as well as to all the peoples subjected to horrendous, inhuman terrorism. Also, we bear in heart and mind the residents of Turkey, praying for an end to the dangerous turmoil in that nation.


5 thoughts on “We Weep As We Pray

  1. Truly beautiful poem, the concept, the words, the structure…just 👌 couldn’t agree more with the poem and dedication – Michelle

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