In My Multi-Emotive Vest

To vault the mountain of my emotions is difficult
As they madly swirl sometimes like a typhoon
Threatening to sweep me away and turn my day
Into some morbid burial of the psyche
Or like an avalanche descending too quickly
For me to escape and I’m swept down into dark valley,
Stark raving mad where I’d once had sanity,
But vanity will not allow me to open up my heart
And share with anyone the part that hurts so much,
Even hurts to touch, it’s such an excruciatingly
Deep wound, or more than one, and it’s hidden inside
Where no sun shines, and so I’m underground
In my own soul with only the sound of my own cries
As I say goodbye till the tears stop flowing
And new wind starts blowing, showing me some way
To begin a new day even in the middle of the night
In the middle of my plight, despite the blight
Of my soul with hole to large to fill,
But there is a certain thrill to it all, especially
In the knowledge that I’m alive and so I thrive
On these tumultuous emotions, these feelings unbounded,
Though hounded by sad-gladness like some ugly dæmon,
And trusting-paranoia and adventurous-fear
And happy tears and jolly-melancholy and all the rest,
And so I know I’m at my best in multi-emotive vest,
Though I can’t enjoy all of the world
While locked inside these four walls…

Note: This is,  I believe,  my third stream of consciousness poem


11 thoughts on “In My Multi-Emotive Vest

    1. Indeed! I was attempting to capture the … hmmm, tsunami effect emotions can sometimes have, as well as the unique situations in which we experience disparate emotions at the same time. Oh well … my short commentary! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

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